FAQ and Belt Requirements

What should I wear to class?
Loose, comfortable clothing until you receive your Gi. Nothing too short and nothing too long. A cup for men and chest protection for women is recommended.

How fast will I earn my Belts?
Earning your Rank within our school depends on your understanding, proficiency, and your dedication. We are not a belt factory. At Chuan Fa America Arkansas you must earn everything including your Gi. Student’s must also test for their white belt. No one is given anything.

Oath of Moment
I will, with Honor, apply myself to the study of Kenpo, the improvement of both my mind and my body, and to develop a better understanding of our fellow man. I will show Respect to my Kenpo School, my Instructors, my Seniors, and my Brother and Sister students. I will be Loyal to my Kenpo Family, and to my Family at home. I will never use my Kenpo for selfish reasons. I will only use my Kenpo in Honorable service of my fellow man, defense of my Family, or in defense of my life or someone else’s.

I will maintain a passing grade in school and not fail any classes. I will always strive for higher knowledge. I will not break the law or befriend anyone that would do so. I know that if I violate this oath in any way I can lose my rank within my Kenpo school, lose the right to train, and lose the right to ever return.

I swear this Oath before my Sensei and my Family.